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ChuckIt! Ball Launcher

For those dogs who love to chase a ball; ChuckIt! has the answer!
Nylabone Double Action Chew
 Nylabone Double Action Chew
Veterinarian Recommended Nylabone Double action Chew is specifically designed so dogs can have the benefit of a toy that is both soft for carrying, yet durable for chewing. Helps clean teeth and gums.
Nylabone Durable Original Flavor
 Nylabone Durable Original Flavor
Flavor enhanced dog chews in the shape of a bone, made specifically for powerful chewers, these chews are made of durable nylon.
Shop K9Excel for a wide selection of dog foods including premium, natural, and advanced nutrition foods that have only the best ingredients for the well-being of your pet. In store only. 

On Sale at K9 Excel Pet Supplies
On Sale this week at K9Excel Pet Supplies, very good products that your favorite pet will love! Discount on each product varies from 10% to 20%. What a Great Deal!

Great deal, free with any purchase of $ 14.00 or more of pet food at K9Excel: a tied rawhide bone 6" and bandanas to choose from. In store only.
Zanies Plush Flyers 7" Dog Toy
Zanies Plush Flyers 7" Dog Toy
Yappily Ever After Groom Tuxedos
Yappily Ever After Groom Tuxedos for dog
$23.95 - $31.95
$20.36 - $27.16
Dental Kong
Dental Kong
$13.39 - $17.75
$11.38 - $15.09
Ball on a rope
Ball on a rope
$4.99 - $9.75
$4.24 - $8.29
Aria Chloe Bone Jewelry Collection
Aria Chloe Bone Jewelry Collection
Aria Maribou Pink Dog Tiara Crown Barrette
Aria Maribou Pink Dog Tiara Crown Barrette

Your Online Pet Supplies

Pet Hair Accessories Great selection of dog bows and cool hair accessories that will suit your pet's style and fashion. Pet Jewelry Glam it up with Fashion Pet Jewelry and Accessories! Offer your stylish pet his or her dream pearl or crystal rhinestone jewelry. Winter Coats Protect your favorite pet from the bad weather and the cold with our dog winter coats. They will not only keep them warm, but dry as well. Raincoats Protect your favorite pet from the elements with our nice raincoats. It will protect them from the wind and keep them dry.

K9Excel Dog Supplies Canada is the store you were looking for. In our Canadian Pet Supplies, you will find all the dog supplies, dog products and equipments, at a very low price.

Make sure your dog’s coat is healthy and shiny, visit our grooming dog supply and grooming accessories department, and find all the pet products and accessories you need. You will surely find the dog supplies you are looking for at K9Excel North America Dog Supplier. We carry a large variety of dog supplies, dog products and accessories.

K9Excel Dog Supply is located in Quebec, Canada, but we sell all around North America (Canada and USA) and Europe.

K9Excel Dog Supplies is the online Resource for dog supply in Canada, United States and Europe.

Daily Dog Photo
Daily Dog Photo
Lots of Funny Dog videos

That will make you smile and laugh out loud.

High performance dog flotation device for boating, water sport adventures and other outdoor activities with dogs.

Visit our articles section. We have many articles about dogs on our website.

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